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Ebony's Pearls

Words, just words.




About Me

Huh. I just realized that I've had this blog for years and never posted a bio of me, just details about the blog, my linking policies, and such. My bad. I will fix this now (at the end of 2010).

I was born in the port side head (or so my mother said) of an ocean-going yacht during a 2 week long party. No one noticed when I was born, only that I was suddenly there. The only official record of my birth is a notation in the ship's log that my mother disembarked "with infant girl" and that she embarked alone. She didn't remember on which day of those 2 weeks I was born, but is pretty sure it wasn't the first few days or last few days. Now that she's dead, I'll never find out for sure.

My mother was German by birth and eventually became a naturalized US citizen. My father was a Kiowa Apache serving in the US Army. He was killed in a military training exercise in Colorado just before my little sister was born.

I was raised both in Germany and in the US, alternating according to my mother's whim, I guess. I spent a lot of time in Germany. My grandparents apprenticed me off to the village baker, and when an opening came up at the apothecary shop, they switched me to there, which is where I wanted to be from the beginning. I completed my apothecary training before my mother wanted me back in the US, so I flew back, where I learned my apothecary training was worse than useless. I would either have to pay for American pharmacy training or enter some other field. And I was both too young and lacked regular US grade schooling, so I had to enter and go to high school for 1 year, then go to college. Where I earned a B.A. in General Humanities, an M.S. in botany, and a Ph.D. in fairy tales. I have an MBA, too, and am a Tea Master. I am also a Numenist Elder, a goal I have pursued since 1956.

My first US career was shot down by the economic downturn of the 70's. My second US career was shot down by birthing 2 extremely premature babies. My third US career was outsourced to the Phillipines. My current career seems somewhat stable, but is a far, far cry from what I planned and wanted. I am old enough now that I am building up a retirement fund, and when I "officially" retire, I will then be able to pursue the career of my dreams. During all of this, I have always written things: poems, filk, stories, how-to articles, employee handbooks, training manuals, cook books.

If you are a young person reading this, know that your first career may not be your last one, and it make take time and persistence to achieve the career you really want.

What do I want to be when I retire? I want to do several things, but I think the primary one is to open a Tea Shop/bakery/herbarium (blending both of my German degrees and my 5 US degrees). I want to offer tea and herb classes, including years-long ones that would qualify my students to become Tea or Herb Masters. I'll keep writing because that's my heartbeat.

I am hard-of-hearing, and have been partnered for the last 5 years with a signal dog: a long-haired black and tan Chihuahua named Itzl. A year and a half ago, he and I rescued a short-haired Chihuahua and together we have raised her, trained her, and protected her - she's disabled, both mentally and physically. My travels are limited by her presence since she's not a service dog like Itzl. When I must travel where she can't go, I hire a dog sitter for her. Because of her brain damage, I have to be very particular about who gets to watch her.

And yes, having a service dog will certainly restrict what I can do with my tea shop...a problem I will face when I get there in about 10 years.

About My Journal

This is a personal LJ, but not a private one. It's 99.9% public. Stuff I want to keep private I keep on paper.

Here, I offer only my personal experiences and opinions on public affairs. I'm not going to hunt up documentation just to satisfy your demands. We both have access to the internet - look it up for yourself instead of demanding I do it for you.

If you choose to judge me based on a single post (probably the only one you've read), and want to make mean-spirited comments, please do so on your own journal. I won't delete your comments, so others will probably judge you by what you said. Me, if it's mean and off-topic, I'll probably ignore it. I also don't google my name, so feel free to say what you will on your journal about me.

"Friending" policy:

If I stumble across a livejournal (and that's usually how it happens) and like what I read, I will place that journal on my Reading List (aka "Friends List"). You are not obligated to add me to your Reading List. I will not remove anyone from my list because you have a problem with them.

I will never ask someone to place my journal on their Reading List. Either my writing interests you or it doesn't. You may freely place me on your Reading List or remove me at any time - no explanations or permissions needed.

If you place my journal on your Reading List and later remove my journal from it, I will assume it's because your interests have changed. It won't upset me if you change your mind. I will, however, delete any "you're a meanie pooh-pooh head and I'm going to defriend you to hurt you sooooo bad, so there!" comments you might leave if you take me off your reading list because, while amusing; they say much more about you than me.

Since most of my posts are open and available for anyone to read or comment upon, they are linkable to other people's comments or journals. Consider it permapermission to link. (Linking isn't the same as appropriating for one's own, but so far as I know, no one's ever posted one of my posts and claimed it for their own.) If I don't want a post linked anywhere, I won't write it and post it online where it can be linked. That makes it pretty easy, eh?

Full Disclosure

No one pays me to speak up or shut up. Everything on this LJ is my personal opinion, filtered through the lens of me. I am not paid to endorse or trash anyone's products on this LJ. If I endorse or trash something it's because I like or hate it.

My interpretations of the news and world events are filtered through me and my personal experiences and are not to be construed as objective or even necessarily as informed. Sometimes, the thoughts I post about current events are spur-of-the-moment reactions and feelings posted via email from locations where I can't read or make corrections, not deeply-thought-out analyses. This means there will be typos, wrong or bad word choices, autocompleted words that weren't checked for accuracy, broken html, and more. I don't need you cluttering up my comments pointing these errors out as I will fix them when I reach a computer and can access the blog's editing functions.

I may do some research to satisfy myself - if it doesn't satisfy you, then go look it all up yourself. Google is but a click away, and the library isn't that hard to get to, and newspaper archives are accessible, and so on. You have at least the same access to the information as I do, please take advantage of that.

Any footnotes, substantiations, and so forth are offered for my personal reference so I can remember where I got them.

Linking Policy

Most of my posts are public. That means anyone can read them. Anyone can comment. Anyone can link to any post. I retain copyright over my writings; the ones which aren't mine are usually quotes which have attributions. Please keep those attributions if you quote them. Consider it under a Creative Commons License.

My other LJ (that I don't mind you knowing about):

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