ebonypearl (ebonypearl) wrote,

The Pretty Good Witch

1. You give fucks. BUT - not just any fucks. You cultivate them in pots and plots and pick and choose the ones about which you will give - picking only those that appeal to you and about which you can realistically do something. Your field of fucks is vast and well-hidden; the ones you give are select and few.

2. You really, really are selective about the fucks you give, and no one can influence that selection unless you were already leaning that way. It looks to outsiders as if you don't give any fucks at all, but that's because you're not giving them to *those* people.

3. You're mostly invisible. People rarely notice you, and they frequently forget about you. This is great, because it assists in your "give a fuck" selection as well as in your patterning.

4. People are so comfortable around you they will reveal all the information you need, want, and then some. They'll forget they told you all this, but you will remember, so when it's time to give a fuck, you can review and decide you gets the fucks and who doesn't. And you're very selective.

5. Because you are practically invisible and people are so cozy around you, you can always tell when someone is full of it. You know things, and you know the people.

6. You may have been harassed or persecuted or bullied when younger, but once you donned your cloak of invisibility with age and wisdom, you've glided through life forgettably, which allows you a tremendous amount of freedom and power.

7. You encounter a lot of synchronicity and you've learned how to manipulate the patterns to create more, so your life may have its bumps, but you have the skills to smooth those over - for yourself and for those fucks you choose to give.

8. Your effect on others is subtle and far reaching. They won't know it's you, but you will. You prefer to deal in the small and subtle. Perceptive people may realize you are the epicenter of these small things, but rarely will they think you are the cause. They may want to be closer to you, or smooth your path, a few may obstruct it, but you know work-arounds.This allows you so much freedom. Nobody ever suspects the kindly ones.

9. Sometimes your invisibility reverses itself, usually with others who are truly kind people. They will often approach you to tell you how comforting you are; they will speak of your kindness and your goodness. Accept these with grace and return the compliment as truthfully as you can.

10. Your experience of other senses and dimensions is greater because you don't ignore them. You may have developed ways to increase your perceptions and practice them frequently. You are more observant and people believe you have greater psychic skills than you do. You don't disabuse them of that but you also don't confirm how you know what you do - it makes your life easier and helps you choose which fucks are the best ones to give.

As a pretty good witch, you easily incorporate the physical and non-physical realms. Your observation and patterning skills are excellent, allowing you to be in the right place at the right time, and helping you choose when you need to step into a wrong place and time to cause the effects and changes you have determined need to be done. You are often a scientist, even if it's a citizen scientist without a college degree, because knowledge is your bread-and-butter - true knowledge, not pseudo-scientific crap. You spend some time dispelling pseudo-science because the more people support true science, the easier your field of fucks grows and the more generous you can be with those fucks.

Life as a pretty good witch is pretty good.
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