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Itzl's Birthday


Itzl is having a birthday party this year. For the first time since he was born, we aren't going to be at MedFair during his birthday, so friends have decided to host a party for him.

At first, it was going to be a small, silly get-together, just a few of us, for tea and cookies and playing croquet with the pink flamingo mallets I made.

Then more people wanted to come.

And more.

And now, there are so many people who RSVP'd that we've had to move his little party to a hotel.

So we're opening up the invitation to ANYONE who wants to attend Itzl's 11th Birthday Bash a la Steampunk Mad Hatter. Come dressed steampunk, or with mad hats, and play croquet (that's still on, the hotel will allow us to use their lawn for this!), eat tea goodies and drink tea or spa water. Itzl and Xoco will be there.

The hotel is the Hilton Garden Inn, 801 South Meridian Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73108
(405) 942-1400.

The date is April 4th, around 2:00 pm.

No gifts, although donations to his vet fund are always appreciated (Neel Vet in Oklahoma City, Itzl Brothers). If you live close enough, bring tea snacks (on serving trays if possible), extra tea pots, and your own tea cup set.

We'll provide hot water, spa water, napkins, paper plates and cups and plastic flatware (for those who don't have any or can't bring their own for some reason - which includes "Oops! I forgot!" because I do that sometimes myself), 4 flamingo mallets (unless I can manage to make more before then), the croquet set, loose leaf teas, sugar, creamer, lemons, some tea snacks and serving utensils, and of course, the Birthday Dog, Itzl, and his little Xoco.
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