ebonypearl (ebonypearl) wrote,

Numenism and Sunday Assemblies

Since Numenism is slowly dying out and those of us left are not charismatic or good at locating new Celebrants who might like Numenism, and because the Sunday Assembly looks like a workable community substitute for Numenism (I'll still always be a Numenist), and because it is a no-religion-strictly-community type thing, AND because at least 3 other people in the area have expressed interest (no one on any of my FLs), I thought it might be possible to get together with people to discuss if what we want is a Sunday Assembly type thing - either the official or some hybrid unofficial version.

I admit, freely, that I hope some people would prefer to join Numenism, but I am open and willing to go the no-religion route, too.

I'm posting it here in case anyone wants to share it, and if anyone who then reads it wants to get together and set one up in OKC, we could meet and discuss it.

I thought a good first neutral meet up space could be MedFair, at the Water Paws booth, since doggies and free and seating. Free's good, right? People can pretend an interest in dogs, or working as volunteers in the booth, and not that they are itnerested in forming a community that isn't based on preaching and religion.

One of the biggest attractions to me about Sunday Assemblies is that it is free of any religion, the songs are popular ones, and it embraces qualities I admire: live better, help often, wonder more.
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