ebonypearl (ebonypearl) wrote,

So Much For That Hope

George Zimmerman is armed, dangerous, and driving through other states.

Apparently, he's still allowed to have a carry permit.

He was stopped over the weekend in Texas for speeding ad warned he needed to not "play with your firearm" and then told to close the glovebox, where the gun was.

So he's still being an idiot asshole about guns, all "Ooooh, I have a gun and can shoot you dead, then scream "Stand your ground!" because you'll be dead and can't tell the truth - that I was an aggressive asshole and shot you just because you pissed me off".

I wonder who he will kill next - perhaps someone like me who changes parking spots because he parked too close to my car? I can just see him running across a parking lot to my new space, like that jerk yesterday, to yell and scream at me for moving, then blowing me away because I won't look at him.

Yep, gonna have to get some bulletproof clothing to wear in case I encounter a Zimmerman and his paranoid attitude and macho "man-gun". And not take any of my dogs except Itzl anywhere because no doubt a Zimmerman would shoot them, too.

Do they make bulletproof vests for little dogs? Do they sell kevlar by the yard? I could make protective gear for him in case we meet up with a Zimmerman.
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