ebonypearl (ebonypearl) wrote,

"Store Bought" Spoils the Potluck Spirit

"Store Bought" Spoils the Potluck Spirit by Jennifer Steinhauer

The title of this article would lead you to believe it's about potlucks, right?


It's mostly about bake sales, which are a whole other animal entirely.

I agree that bringing store bought goods to a bake sale is kind of wrong. After all, the point is to make money for the school.church/whatever as cheaply as possible and homebaked goods are always cheaper than store bought ones. Plus, a higher price tag can be placed on the home baked goods, but who's going to pay $1.00 for 2 Oreos when you can spend $3 and get more than a dozen of them?

But the article clearly uses "pot luck" in the title and not "bake sale". How much of the article is devoted to the potluck?

In a 1346 word article, 158 words were devoted to potlucks, and 47 more words shared potluck and nake sale. The other 1145 words were entirely a rant about bake sales. Don't you think the title should have been " Store Bought Spoils the Bake Sale Spirit"? It's rather misleading to drag potluck into the fray.
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