ebonypearl (ebonypearl) wrote,

I Could Live in a Small House

If I had no life, I could live in a small house.

If I didn't have hobbies that took up so much space and needed so many things, I could live in a much smaller house.

But I need room to spread out fabric for layout and cutting and fitting. And for storing patterns, fabrics, dress dummies, books, sewing machines, tools. Not to mention space for the iros and ironing boards.

I need room for rolling out doughs and cooling racks of cookies and making doggie jerky treats and canning foods and making wines and so on. And I need room for the baking racks, oven, fermentation equipment, canning equipment, and other tools of adventurous cookery.

I need room for pre-spring seed starting. Those seedlings need growing room, and I need access to them to care for them. And I need space for the garden tools I keep indoors because the shed outside isn't suitable for them.

I need space for winter exercise equipment. The elliptical, treadmill, and OT shoulder and hand therapy equipment all take up space, both for using and for storing.

I need space to store my books, and a desk for writing and my computer. Even though I've traded most of my fiction for their e-forms, I still have a lot of reference materials.

I need space for building projects. I don't build big things - bookshelves, pet crates and cages, pet toys, small mechanical devices, sculptures, that sort of thing - and that all requires storage space for the equipment as well as space for the making.

I need space for crafting things like plushies, and hat decorating, and jewelry making - both for the making and hte equipment.

I need space for making my potions - the stills, the beakers, the braziers, the jars and bottles and cannisters.

I need space to entertain my friends - so we have room to work on crafts together, to eat together, to game together, to discuss religion and philosophy and science together, and for Dorky Movie Night.

If I had no life, if all I did was work and come home to eat a microwaved dinner and watch TV, I could live in a small house.
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