ebonypearl (ebonypearl) wrote,

Opportunities to Live

What people need to understand about me is that I want others to have the opportunity to live and to thrive - even people with mental illnesses and disabilities, even people of different skin colors and religions, even people of different sizes, even people of different income levels, even people who dress differently, even people suspected of committing crimes, even people who have weird hobbies.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue happiness, even if that happiness is playing with an Airsoft or talking about Tolkein's the One Ring, or shouting obscenities in anger.

Tell me you haven't said "I could kill [person] for doing that!" Do you deserve to have your life taken for expressing your anger or frustration?

If you don't deserve to die for your heated words, why should anyone else die for theirs?

We all deserve the opportunity to live and thrive.

Even assholes
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