ebonypearl (ebonypearl) wrote,


I weave my Way with the threads I've got.

Those threads consist of both warp and weft.

The warp threads are the foundations, the base that doesn't change, provides structure, and is rarely seen. You won't see those threads, they were laid down early in my life, and when new ones were added, they widened the weaving. In that regard - the width of my life weaving - the warp is visible.

But for the most part, what is seen is the weft, the threads that weave through the warp and leave their pattern glowing across the surface.

I won't give you my warp threads. They are hidden.

My weft?

Those are for others to see and know. There's the shining copper of Steampunk, the glittering sparkling black of deep space, the dull gray of tech and the brighter gray of steel for manufacturing, the soft black of puppy fur, the rainbow colors of fruit and vegetables, the ambers of grains, the grasses and leaves of the garden, the teal of my heart, the browns of soil and wood for nature and home remodeling, the blues of the sky and the oranges of sunrise, the braided fabrics of sewing, the words of my writings woven in with those threads. It's ornamented with the beads and charms that further define my interests, some passing, some more fixed.

It's a chaotic looking piece at first glance, but a closer look shows how the patterns build and feed off one another, how they grow and blend and diverge.

How does your weaving look?
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