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Bone Chilling Good

Huh. Apparently making flavored and vitamin fortified beverages for dogs is a Thing.

I make bevergaes for my dogs. I make different ones for different occasions, and have a few standards that the dogs always love.

I give them funny names because I can: Chihuahua Chiller, Barkjolais, Beaugrrrr, Saweenie le Bone, Lil Squeaker Ale, Lap-it-Up Lager, Bison Brown Ale, Puppy Porter, Poochy Pilsner, Ruffus Red Ale, Lickin Lambic, and Barky Stout. These are "beers" and "wines" and "gourmet waters" for Itzl and Xoco.

When I had cats living at my house, I made a line of feline beverages - Eau de Maus, Kittianti, Catbernet, Purrlot, Cat d'Or, Tail Twitch Porter, Sea Cat Ale, Cat Scratch Cream Ale. They liked them, but for cats, you have to start them as teeny kitten, about 5 - 7 weeks of age. After that, it's a toss up if they'll like the beverages or not. If your kitty is a crunchitarian, they usually won't like flavored waters, kitty beers, or kitty wines.

These are all zero alcohol, flavored or vitamin enhanced bone broths or waters for dogs and cats. The flavors appeal to dogs (and cats), are good for after exercise as a treat, for special occasions, warmed for winter lapping, and for dogs who love frozen treats, can be frozen into pupsicles.

I also make the dogs Beer Bones, Pupcorn, Whine Cakes, and Nutty Ale Crunchies, and the kitties get Fish Bits, Bird Bites, and Purrcakes.

Mind, while I will make these for my dogs, I won't buy them.
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