ebonypearl (ebonypearl) wrote,

A GF Once-a-Month Cookbook

A friend posted on FB that she loved the idea of cheap once-a-month cooking but all the cookbooks she looked at for it contained gluten and wheat. She and her daughters have Celiac's and the girls also have a severe wheat allergy - so severe they can't go to school. It's like the worst level of peanut allergy for them.

So, she and I did some research looking for GF once a month cookbooks. We found a few sites on line that offered up GF dairy free recipes, but not all of them were truly wheat-free. We investigated the Paleo cookbooks and while some claimed to be once a week or once a month, they really weren't.

So we decided to create such a cook book for her family.

I already practice a sort of once a month cooking style in that I pre-plan my meals once a month, do all the shopping at once, and then spend a day prepping all the lunches I will eat that month and the meals the dogs will eat that month. I cook all of their food since I don't trust dog food manufacturers.

We can't use my kitchen to test the recipes and all (mine is rather wheat-heavy), but we can use hers. I made her a binder like mine, with places for planning the meals, then using that to plan the shopping and the prep. What I don't know - yet - are the meals her family eats and how we can modify them to be frozen and re-heated, and how to plan out crock pot meals. Unlike mine, though, hers has a critique section that she and her daughters and husband can write down what they think about the meals - texture, taste, re-heatability, appearance, boring-levels, and so on. We can then take those critiques and use them to improve the meals.

I hope we'll come up with a couple of months of different, cheap and tasty meals her family can have.

And this makes me so glad that I don't have to worry about the ingredients in my foods for any reason except orneriness, politics, and general health rather than life-or-death reasons.
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