ebonypearl (ebonypearl) wrote,

"Outing" the Disabled

It's not enough that we who are differently abled have to struggle to fit into society, now there are those who want to post our names and addresses to "shame" us.

This "Artemis of the wild" seems to be upset that disabled people also vote, as if being disabled makes us less, or other, or incapable of participating in our government.

And s/he wants to publicize our names, to point us out, to paint that scarlett letter on us so others can do what? Vilify us? Make our lives even more difficult?

The poster of these notes wants strangers to determine if the people who are disabled really are disabled - people who probably have no medical training, no ability to determine degree of disability. The poster, who refuses to out him/herself, hides behind anonymity but has no problem shoving others under the proverbial bus.

My primary disability is an invisible one - hearing impairment sever enough to put my life at risk in many situations. I didn't admit how bad it was until I'd been hit a couple of times by SUV drivers who relied overly much on the back up beeps I can't hear. Looking at me, I look perfectly normal, if a bit aloof and snotty.

My secondary disabilities are also rather invisible unless you look closely. Before I got Itzl as my hearing assistance dog, I was hit by an SUV driver (see above paragraph) and both knees were severely injured. I now have difficulty walking up and down stairs or long distances or standing for a long time. I don't need a walker or crutches because on level ground, I do fine. 2 1/2 years ago, I slipped and fell at work, banging a fist sized bump on my head and breaking my wrist so badly that I've permanently. after surgery, lost 70% of the use of it. Because that was worker's comp, they offered me SSDI, but my employer and I figured out ways to keep me employed, so I turned down the SSDI. They said any time I wished, I could apply for it and they would support it.

So, yeah, I don't receive SSDI because I have a job.

Invisible as my disabilities are, as legitimate as they are, as life threatening as they can be (I might not be able to move fast enough to get out of the way of those backing SUVs in parking lots even if Itzl alerts immediately, thanks to the knees), some jerk like "Artemis of the wild" thinks s/he can put it to a vote of the people to decide if I really am disabled or not. S/he thinks s/he can post the names of disabled people who might not look disabled to the average Jane or Joe on the street and have them decide if we're disabled or not?

If they're receiving disability payments, they've been through a lot of work to prove it - and they don't get to just comfortably sit back and claim it for life, they have to periodically prove they are still disabled.

I have a friend who has no hands and no legs. He's on SSDI, and he has to prove he still has no hands or legs on a regular basis to continue to receive his SSDI.

It's not the piece of cake people like "Artemis of the wild" thinks it is.

How dare s/he try to determine whether we are disabled or not to public, popular opinion? To shame us into not exercising our right to vote? In trying to remove our right to vote from us - because that's what the note seems to hint at?

What s/he is doing is inciting people to violence against us because we are less abled.

That is so very wrong.

Oregon was one of the places I was considering retiring to. I may have to rethink that.
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