ebonypearl (ebonypearl) wrote,

I Been Stoleded!

Xoco is a brain damaged little dog. She has no short term memory at all and her long term memory is spotty at times. Out of sight, out of mind is a complete truism for her.

If I move her water dish or her food, she's lost. If she comes across a toy out of place, it's a brand new toy. Sometimes, if she falls asleep in my lap and wakes up there, she can't remember who I am until her scent memory kicks in. Her scent memory is infallible.

So is her sound memory - she can remember how she's supposed to react to any sound, what the sound is and where it generally comes from. Except people sounds - voices. Every voice is different and she is afraid of most voices. Even mine, at times. This is why she's a stay-at-home hearing dog.

But sometimes, I take her with me when I travel in spite of this handicap of hers. Usually, it's when I visit friends and family.

A couple of weeks ago, it was my sister's birthday. She lives out of state. So when I went to visit her, I took Xoco as well as Itzl. My sister has a little dachsie named Pepper and we dog-sit Pepper when my sister and her husband go on vacation, so Xoco knows Pepper and likes her.

Pepper's Visit 012

Itzl, of course, has considered Pepper part of his harem for years. Pepper is 6 years old, and Itzl helped train her as a wee puppy.

I've taken Xoco to my sister's before.

Apparently not often enough for the visits to lodge in Xoco's long term memory.

During the day, Xoco was fine. She played with Itzl and Pepper and napped on my lap and generally had a good time.

But come night....

Every hour, Xoco would bolt wide awake, eyes popping out of her little head as if she were screaming "Halp! Halp! I've been stoleded!"

Then she'd turn those huge frightened eyes on me and they'd get bigger. "OMG! YOU'VE BEEN STOLEDED, TOO!" her eyes would shout.

Then Itzl would grumble awake and kick or nudge her. She'd look at him, all big eyed and terrified and all the fear would drain from her. She'd collapse beside him and snuggle up, sighing, as if to say, "You saveded me!"

Itzl and Xoco during the Rapture

Rinse and repeat all night long.

When we left, Itzl herded Xoco into the car seat for dogs and she spent the entire trip as close to him as possible and cutting her eyes up to him as if to say, "My hero!"

Without Itzl, she'd probably still be in a panic.

Silly Xoco, thinking she'd been stolen when all we did was go for a visit.
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